My World competition through BBC World Service

The BBC says: “No-one sees the world the way you do. BBC World Service wants to see things from your perspective – and create a unique picture of our lives today across the planet.”

Here’s the rest of the info, including the link to enter the competition.

Aboriginal couple

We are asking you to use any camera you can find – a mobile phone, a point-and-click, or a friend’s camcorder – and shoot a two-minute documentary with the theme My World.

We are looking for original films that you think the world should know about and will shortlist films that are emotionally touching, important or visually impactful.

The best will then be selected by a panel of the world’s top documentary makers and assembled into sequences showing the stories of each continent.

About the competition

You can interpret the MyWorld theme any way you choose. Your film could be a compelling personal story, tell of a place that is changing, or document the joy or difficulty of your work life.

Each film must be relevant to one of the five major continents – Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania – and must be tagged as such. You can shoot a single shot documentary, if appropriate to your story, or edit your film with any editing software available to you.

A selection of all work received may be shown on TV and online and an ultimate winner will be selected based on the judging criteria.

After submissions close, five prestigious MyWorld curators will each be assigned films from a particular continent. From each, they will choose and assemble a sequence of up to ten of the best films creating a fascinating portrait of the world today.

Finally each of the five curated sequences will be available to view online and on BBC World News. An overall winner will then be chosen and receive a prize of a semi-professional HD mini DV camcorder.

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