My subjective USA top-10 in Yahoo! News

This week in Yahoo! News, my “Traveling Light” column gives a nod to the upcoming Independence Day weekend with a subjective list of my top ten travel destinations in the United States. In roughly west-to-east order, they are:

1) Olympic National Park, Washington

2) Big Sur, California

3) U.S. Highway 50, Between Maryland and California

4) Pike National Forest, Colorado

5) The Flint Hills, Kansas

6) Sun Studio, Memphis

7) The French Quarter, New Orleans

8) Key West, Florida

9) Yankee Stadium, The Bronx

10) No comment (coast to coast)

To read the full details behind these USA travel choices, click here.

Posted by | Comments (3)  | June 27, 2006
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3 Responses to “My subjective USA top-10 in Yahoo! News”

  1. Warren Sparks Says:

    Rolf, enjoyed your top ten today. We live in Shawnee KS not far from Flint Hills and we drove the new national scenic byway last weekend. Curious what your recommended experience in Iowa was, alluded to in number 10? I am an Iowa native.

    Best, Warren Sparks

  2. brian Says:

    Everyone hating on the Yankees. **sigh** You are correct though, hanging with the bleacher creatures is singular experience. I saw my beloved Yankess win the World Series in ’99 and even got to curse out (and hock a loogie in the general vicinity of) John Rocker. A better baseball time cannot be had.

  3. Lloyd Says:

    When asked the question about what is my favorite place in the US, my response is that the greatest place is where my RV happens to be parked. There are certainly favorites in my travels and there are other places that are not worth a return trip. If required to choose, my favorite places are western state secondary roads with wide open spaces and/or mountains.