Motorbiking around Europe

If you’re a biker you are probably always looking out for motorbike routes to do. Planning them is fun and the unforeseen feeds adventure, however I think you need to be a bit more careful planning them than if you were driving a car — you don’t want to be stranded on a highway with nothing around you and only stones to sleep on; any information on the route, before you’ve taken it, is useful.

A recent piece on the Guardian gives a list of 10 highways to bike across Europe by author of Uneasy Rider, Mike Carter. In his book, Carter writes about motorbiking 20,000 miles over 6-months to the corners of Europe, up to the Iran-Turkey border in search of love, life and answers. The article has excerpts from the recently published book on 10 of the routes he took, which are:

  • The Cat and Fiddle run – A537, Buxton-Macclesfield, England
  • The Amalfi Coast Road – Naples to Salerno, Italy
  • The Transfagarasan Highway – Sibiu to Curtea de Arges, Transylvania, Romania
  • Bergen to Geiranger, Norway
  • Trabzon to Savsat, Eastern Turkey
  • Furka Pass, between Gletsch and Andermatt, Switzerland
  • A2, the Antrim coast road, Northern Ireland
  • Bar in Montenegro to Sarajevo in Bosnia
  • Saranda to Vlora, Albania
  • Cabo de Gata to Granada, Spain

Worth reading should you want a ride across Europe.

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