More feedback from Vagabonding readers

I head off for Paris tomorrow to teach my creative writing workshop, so today I wanted to share some new messages from Vagabonding readers. As always, I’m encouraged by the fact that people are finding travel inspiration from my book. Here’s an outtake:

I just wanted to say thanks for writing Vagabonding. It is always something I dreamed about doing, but never had the courage. Knowing that there are other people who see the world as I would like to gives me hope. After grad school I will have to make my career work for me and my travel dreams instead of letting my career keep me stagnant. I just wanted to say thanks.

…and here’s another one:

I just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading Vagabonding. I’m planning a trip around the world and came across your book on while searching for some travel guides. I have to say that the cover caught my eye and I bought it on a whim. I had no idea what to expect. Thanks for making me laugh, for making me think and most of all, for making me excited to get on the road. I was very impressed with your writing style – it’s thought-provoking, humorous, witty and insightful. Vagabonding is probably the best ‘travel guide’ I’ve ever read. I’ve even called friends to read excerpts from it…

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