MOO Cards

Do you like tiny business cards that can be mailed anywhere on the planet, are adorable and totally personalizable, with up to 100 of your own images in a pack of 100 cards? Do you like memorability, tiny cards that fit easily in wallets or pockets, and high quality printing and lamination? Order MooCards. Trust me on this one. When I started using them, I never went back.

Posted by | Comments (4)  | June 22, 2010
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4 Responses to “MOO Cards”

  1. Lise Says:

    And they are super light weight to boot so they are light packer friendly. I especially like the little key chain card holder.

  2. Duncan Says:

    Moo cards are excellent. They make great for great conversation and they’re much more memorable than a business card…

  3. Patti Davis Says:

    When I handed my card to the Bell Captain at the Ritz-Carlton this weekend, he remarked, “they’re like the fortunes in fortune cookies!” I liked that.

  4. Ted Beatie Says:

    Love MOO! I’ve been using them for a year or so now, and they are both excellent quality and reasonably priced. I get compliments on them all the time. I have 50 of my best photos on the backs of cards that say ‘Adventurer – Writer – Photographer, Exploring the world with intent’ 🙂