Mapping the popularity of social networks


Yet more proof that our tastes are all a bit different (or fundamentally the same?)—there’s now a social networking map.

Gadling introduces us to the map that was first published by the French newspaper Le Monde. There we see the number of hours per month (in the millions) that users spend on the most popular social networks per region, and the top sites in selected countries.

No surprise that MySpace is tops in the US, right? We Americans must be on really good terms with the Aussies, Italians, and Venezuelans, because that’s where MySpace is also most popular. I suppose if you knew that you’d be spending a good amount of time in Brazil or India, you might want to brush up on your Orkut. Or hi5 in Mongolia. And it’s interesting to see that one of the first networks, Friendster, is still going strong in some of the Asia-Pacific countries.

I just have to wonder what the map will look like in another year…

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