Long-term travel: considering the bad with the good

road_300The greatest parts on a trip are the exciting moments of newness and inspiration. But is it realistic to expect that you’ll have that every second of your trip? No. If you consider the realities of travel, you can manage your expectations—which usually makes for a better trip.

A new post by Nomadic Matt looks at the trickier side of travel. A few of the things he mentions are the difficulties with finding and keeping relationships—both friendship and romantic—and becoming fatigued during time on the road.

The post seems to have touched a nerve—a lot of his readers have chimed in with comments. A great conversation comes out of it with their suggestions for working around the difficulties (such a traveling more slowly, creating a community where you are, and finding a partner who shares the same love of travel).

Please don’t be discouraged! I hope that Matt’s post just provides more information so that you can feel better prepared for a long-term trip. Take to heart that others have encountered these difficulties before. Instead, continue forward with your trip plans—taking inspiration from the experience of Matt and his readers.

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  1. Travel-Writers-Exchange.com Says:

    The article on Nomadic Matt was interesting. Travel is in the eye of the beholder. Independent souls may gravitate to long-term travel because they’re used to beating to their own drum. Others may panic because they may jeopardize family ties, friendships, and romantic relationships. It helps if you can find friends and lovers who enjoy long-term travel. The option is to “roll the dice” and see what happens.