Locations as lovers

Locations as Lovers - Chris Carruth Travel PhotographyLocations are like lovers;  sometimes we’re in the mood for the type of grand romance that only Paris and the Champs-Élysées can provide whereas other times it’s the exotic promise of Tahiti or the gritty resolve and urban brilliance of Istanbul that attracts us.  The neon tawdriness of the Las Vegas strip is a cheap date, literally and figuratively. You can stay in a 4 star hotel in Las Vegas for a good price and still be able to enjoy the free attractions on the strip such as the fountains of the Bellagio and the sirens of TI. Las Vegas is definitely a great place to visit and yet after we’ve danced and courted the amazing Las Vegas city we eventually move on.  After each sojourn we travel onto the next location and, in sticking with the metaphor, onto the next lover.  That’s part and parcel of the beauty of travel – we can flirt with, understand, and love the world one person, one neighborhood, one city, and one nation at a time.  For the vagabonding soul this is somewhat of a fait accompli for our relationships are destined to be fleeting.  We love, often briefly, intensely, and then we move on.  Even if we elect to go the ex-pat route and stay long-term it would be impossible to deny the lust in our hearts. While in the August humidity and perpetual hustle of Seoul would not our minds at times turn towards thoughts of other locations, back to the classic beauty of Greece or the ancient appeal of Egypt?  No matter where we are, would we not at some point give in to Baudelairean thinking – “anywhere, anywhere, as long as it be out of this world“?  We are destined to be flirts, to tease and be teased by each lover as is dictated by our intrepid and innate curiosity. We are driven to know what’s around the corner, over the hill, under the bridge, and, most importantly, within us.  The serial monogamy that is long-term travel affords us an ideal opportunity for such growth and exploration. And in a landscape that is littered with our past relationships, it’s only too easy to be driven forward by the nagging notion that personal growth is just around the corner in the arms of the next lover.

A final thought: when a love grows stale and the dull flame of passion begins to flicker and die out, you’re free to pack your bags and board the next plane or train or bus out of that proverbial Siam. No harm, no fuss, no messy divorce (And, perhaps best of all, future dalliances remain an option); in this way travel itself is the ultimate open relationship and each location becomes the ultimate lover.

Who have been your past loves and what future conquests are you eying in 2012?

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7 Responses to “Locations as lovers”

  1. Rolf Potts Says:

    Come June I plan to resume my flirtation with Mongolian steppe — though by July I’ll be back in the arms of Paris, an ongoing flame. After that? Not sure — and that’s kind of a cool feeling.

  2. Chris Carruth Says:

    There is a certain thrill about not knowing what’s next, isn’t there? If you go in with an open mind and in the spirit of adventure, it’d be hard not to fall for a lot of places. The Mongolian Steppe sounds particularly interesting – looking forward to hearing more about that as it happens.

  3. Ted Beatie Says:

    Past loves? The Sahara. She is a special beauty.

    2012? I’m returning to Tulum in a few weeks and bringing my wife so that we can relax on a beach for a week.

  4. Eric Schmitt Says:

    I’ll be heading back to the Filips in February, but soon I think I’ll be attempting the Mongol rally. I was thinking of running the thing in motorcycles with sidecars.

  5. lindsey Says:

    Let me start out by saying, Chris, Boulder rocks! I’ve got fond memories of traversing the Flat Irons on several occasions.

    As far as flirtations with another country or part of the world. One heavy pull for me is Sweden. At one point (by marriage) I almost became a dual citizen. Though I learned much more living without my potential life partner there. I’m thinking seriously about moving to the area for a while. However, equally as long standing, I’ve got offers to take up residency in Costa Rica training horses. But then again, my scattered friends around the world need visiting…thus I guess I’ll keep exploring, loving and wandering!

  6. Chris Carruth Says:

    @Ted, I can only imagine the photographic opportunities in the Sahara. As for Tulum, let me know if you see any end of the world kitsch 😉

    @Eric, If memory serves, I saw a Boston Globe photo essay on the Mongol rally a while back. Looks intense man, good luck!

  7. Chris Carruth Says:

    Hey Lindsey, I’ve got zero complaints about Boulder. It’s a fantastic, and fascinating, place to live and the “Flatties”…talk about an ideal, and idyll, scene. Can’t speak to Sweden, but I hope to visit Monteverde in Costa Rica this year; it’s about time to take a Latin Lover.