Life in a Day: Update

Several weeks ago I wrote about the film Life in a Day that is slated for release in the next few months. Since then, anticipation for the film seems to have gone viral, as the trailer and articles about the film have popped up all over popular websites like facebook, twitter, and other social forums. I feel as if unable to get online without reading some mention of the film.
With seemingly such high expectations, I wonder how the film we ultimately be received. Travel enthusiasts seem to love it for harnessing the carefree energy of travel, and for giving us a glimpse of many places and cultures around the globe. The film may inspire some people to finally hi the road and travel, others may find it to be just a simple feel good film.
Now the film has an intended release date of July 2011 and a polished trailer. Watch it here.
Did you submit a vignette for consideration for the film? Want to see it when it premiers in July? What are your feelings about the film?

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One Response to “Life in a Day: Update”

  1. GypsyGirl Says:

    I remember receiving an e mail about this back when, but I didn’t submit anything. The idea however I think is wonderful; especially because it gives so many perspective angles that other people might never get the chance to see otherwise. I probably won’t go see it premier, but will take the time to watch it at some point.