Let’s go to . . . Iraq?!

This IHT article narrates the adventures of a U.S. tour group in Iraq.

Considering there is still a war raging there, people who decide to travel to Iraq are either really brave or insane, depending on how you look at it. For people who love escaping the tourist masses, that definitely won’t be an issue in that country.

One traveler in the article was quoted as saying, “I get my best travel ideas from the State Department’s travel warning list.” Adventurous vagabonder, or a possible “anti-tourist”? Rolf described such people¬†in his book¬†Vagabonding. They conspicuously avoid the popular sights, but out of a sense of superiority, not exploration.

Mosque in Iraq, from Pictureninja.com

Mosque in Iraq, from Pictureninja.com

Have you met any travelers like this? What drives people like this to seek out the “edgier” destinations?

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2 Responses to “Let’s go to . . . Iraq?!”

  1. Nicolai Says:

    I don’t personally choose traveling routes based on what the State Dept. recommends not doing. However, there are some valid reasons for doing so.

    Some people, for example, travel to countries the US government says are “bad” in order to actually see for themselves. Predictably, the situation often doesn’t resemble the government position, then the traveler returns, talks to people about their travel, and it’s a good thing.

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