Large families traveling- reactions from abroad

Pilgrims’ Progress is up and running, the blog written by the Kiwi family that is planning a round-the-world trip with eight children. Vagablogging profiled the family in September.

Now, they have received some of their gear and are further along in the planning stages of their trip, scheduled to depart in August. However, they are also wondering how their family will be received abroad, especially when traveling to China with eight children. Their blog discusses their concerns about whether or not Dad will be issued a work visa to teach at a university with ties to the government.

Though the Andrus family did not seek employment in China on their round-the-world trip, they found themselves to be the center of more attention than usual, as they were a family with four children in a land where the law allowed only one child per family.

Atlanta Life Magazine wrote a wonderful feature article on the family, including the reactions they received in China (pages 58-62).

Travelers with tots and older kids can exchange information on a variety of forums, such as Lonely Planet’s Kids to Go forum and Bootsnall’s Traveling with Kids message board.

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  1. j Says:

    The Andrus family is truly amazing. It was a joy for me to interview them and write the article for Atlanta Life Magazine. They didn’t let skepticism stand in their way of a round-the-world journey together, and they are a constant reminder of how important and inspiring travel can be for us all. Thanks for the mention, Kristen.

  2. J Says:

    By the way, for anyone interested, the first installment about the Andrus family’s travels can be found in the December issue, which is archived on the link provided in Kristen’s post. Just click the “Previous Issues” tab at the top of the page.