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Tomorrow I will debut a RolfPotts.com Writers page interview with Karin Muller, who is the author of three books — Hitchhiking Vietnam : A Woman’s Solo Journey in an Elusive Land, Inca Road: A Woman’s Journey into an Ancient Empire, and Japanland : A Year in Search of Wa — all of which she simultaneously produced as television documentaries for the likes of PBS, MSNBC Explorer, and the National Geographic’s global channel.

Here are a few outtakes from the interview:

  • “Nobody who decides to become a brain surgeon just picks up a scalpel and expects to start cutting – why do people think they can pick up a pen and immediately write a bestseller?”
  • “My first book [was] picked up by Globe-Pequot after being turned down by 72 agents and publishers. Tenacity, tenacity, tenacity.”
  • “When I’m writing the challenge is to be as absolutely fair as I can be to all characters involved – knowing that I have the pen in hand and therefore, the last word.”
  • “Very, very few people can make it as either authors or filmmakers. I write articles. I give lectures. I sell photos. I try to create as many income streams as possible from each project.”
  • “If you are going to write, read. Read voraciously. Read great literature. Take whatever you like and incorporate it into your writing.”
  • “Learn to love living in basements and eating ramin noodles. Second to poetry, it is probably the most difficult career to make a living. You must be utterly obsessed with it — more than you want a new car, a house, a family, a dog, houseplants — because you are competing with those of us who are willing to give up all those things in order to write.”
  • For a sneak preview of the complete Karin Muller interview, click here.

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    2 Responses to “Karin Muller at RolfPotts.com”

    1. Diana Prevot Says:

      I loved Hitchhiking Vietnam by Karin Muller. Now going to read all her books. Where is she traveling now?

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