John Goddard

In the course of researching and promoting the Drive Around the World expedition, I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Los Angeles Adventurer

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  1. chris roberts Says:

    wow you have done some amazing things, the take off from an aircraft carrier one stands out to me. explain more please about this story.

  2. Rolf Says:

    Hey Chris, that list belongs to John Goddard, a remarkable man who is now in his seventies. Do a Google search on him if you want to find out more about his life.

  3. Dee Says:

    I think the most important lesson from John’s list is to **make your own**. Certainly, other people’s dreams and accomplishments serve to inspire, but should not serve as a comparison scale for one’s own life.

    Btw, looking forward to keeping up with your “Drive Around the World” expedition. If you pass by Uzbekistan, let me know!

  4. Charles Michel Says:

    John Goddard came to my school in the fifties with his documentary Kayacks Down THe Nile and again after his Congo trip. When I was in highschool he shared of his flying adventures in a jet airplane. He was an inspiration to the imaginations of little boys and I have often thought of the adventures of John Goddard throughout my life. He is the person I would have most wanted to be. What a fantastic life.

  5. Kimbery Says:

    I am a Senior in Highschool right now writing my list of life goals. This list helped me remember many things that I also want to do, and it also gave me inspiration to be able to acheive those things. Thank you!

  6. Becky Says:

    I was reading about John in Chicken Soup for The Soul. I am so inspired by his goals and the things he accomplished that I want to do all of them! John started when he was 15, I am 12 so I added more and hope to accomplish them! THANS JOHN!

  7. shallynn bird Says:

    how could hace done all this that is so cool.

  8. john black Says:

    fo sho

  9. Cory Says:

    I went to his conference in Ft Collins, CO on 11-29-05. I found that the best advice he had was to grab a charging tiger’s tongue and wrap your legs around its abdomen if you are ever attacked by one…. Other than that – it was nothing more than a lot of good tales told… But I still NEVER heard what ever happened to Glenn the 8th grader……
    Needless to say – I lost interest about half way thru…. good thing it was free!

  10. Lyn Fisher Says:

    If this is the same John Goddrd who used to speak to school groups I was in El Segundo, CA) I would like for him to know what a tremendous effect he had on me. Although I will probably never do half the things he has, it inspired me toward adventure. I always looked forward to his assemblies I was looking through some old yearbooks a few nights ago and saw his picture speaking in our auditorium which prompted me to write this. .

  11. Elaina Lavoie Says:

    John Goddard has changed my life an I’ve been trying to email him or someone who will get him my message.
    I am his follower to the fullest. And if need be, his fulfiller, if something were to happen and he could not finish his list, I would finish it in his honour.

  12. Sudheer Says:

    Incredible.Reminds us and gauds us to achieve our real potential.

  13. laurae goddard Says:

    I remember my dad telling me about john and his adventures,which still inspire me today and have made my own list. Iam a relative and have the need to explore in my blood. I have hicked down the Grand Canyon,traveled by car through the United States, sailed through the Carribean(BVI’s),lived in some different states,learned somthing about graphic design, photography and spanish. I still have more to do!!!!! I love talking about travel and goals,John gives all of us something to dream about. Adventurely yours, Laurae

  14. kra Says:

    u need to write about your experiences at mt. vesuvius.. becuz i need a human interest story!!!!

  15. Brian Says:

    John Goddard is truly an exceptional person, not just because of his almost magical ability to set and achieve goals, but because of his demenor and positive spirit. I had the priveledge to speak with John and to hear him recount some of his “stories.” Truly fascinating stuff.

    I just wanted to let anyone who may see this know of a brand new project John Goddard is working on with someone I know very well through my business dealings. He is actually coming out with an incredible program that reveals his goal-achieving secrets. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    In the meantime, John is preparing for the launch of this project and wants to hear from as many people as possible. I already asked my question, “What has been your greatest recurring fear as you’ve pursued each goal you’ve set?” and can’t wait to hear his answer.

    Ask your question at

    I’ll post again when I get more information on a possible launch date!

  16. Reymos Says:

    It is amazing to read this achievement which is truly an inspiration to other travellers. I dont know him but reading this somehow Im curious to know him better. Regards

  17. Reymos Says:

    It is an inspiration for other travellers. I dont know about John Goddard but reading this, my curiousity to know about him is high. Regards

  18. Pamela Says:

    Goddard has helped me realize that I can do anything thatI what if I put my mind to it. Thank You!

  19. Brittney Banning Says:

    I met him when I was in 3rd grade. He gave a presentation to my school. My dad was principal so he introduced me to him. He was so cool…he gave me a brain coral that he found while scuba diving somewhere. Because of him I made my own goal list around age 15, and so far have accomplished a few goals, including skydiving, living in Australia, and flying in a helicopter. I’m only 19, so I have much more to go. He’s definitely an inspiring person.

  20. martha salas Says:

    Oh my goodness! I went to Leuzinger High School in Lawndale CA. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was better than our John Goddard assemblies. It was a time when all my friends and I sat mesmerized by the awesome adventures he shared with us. This was in the late 7o’s early 80’s. Is Mr. Goddard still around doing assemblies? Are his films available for purchase? Does anyone know how to contact him?
    I would love to share him with my 9th grader’s school.