Job options that allow you to travel

One thing is leaving everything and vagabonding, another is choosing a career that allows you to travel frequently, a valid option for people who love to work and travel.

A recent article on a Sydney Morning Herald blog talks about the different types of jobs with which you can make a living traveling. The article is nothing new as it lists the good and bad of 5 most standard travel-jobs that are: travel-writer, flight-attendant, travel-television crew, tour-guide and travel-agent. However, what is interesting is the 45-comment thread the article generated. People have responded giving reference to their jobs that permit them to travel, alongside the odd commenter who has given advantages and disadvantages of his/her respective travel-job.

Some of the jobs with which people travel a lot as listed in the comment thread are interesting career options and not obvious choices. They include a large variety of both high and low paid jobs, as well as high and low profile jobs — here are some of the rarer options:

  • Being a courier for a security company: Apparently this job gives you priority travel arrangements, privileged seating and prompt customs clearance.
  • A croupier on a cruise-liner: Hmmm.
  • A ‘free-trader’: You travel to countries and buy products that are cheaper there than in your country; you sell those products as a business and travel accordingly.
  • An air marshal: I had to look up what that was exactly.
  • Just do a ‘wealth creation course’ and travel for life: Huh? Lea, maybe you could enlighten us on these courses? 🙂

Being a diplomat, foreign correspondent, working in the logistics industry, in the international business sector, and as a trainer in an international company were other common responses.

Any inspiring others?

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  1. MacGyver Says:

    Working at Phoenix foundation!