It’s not that dangerous . . .

Cartagena, Colombia. Photo from

Cartagena, Colombia. Photo from

With all the bad news from the media, positive trends don’t get that much coverage. It’s easy to find news about where not to go. But how about an update? What often goes unnoticed is when dangerous places get safer.

Forbes Traveler had an article called Not-So-Dangerous Destinations. It goes in the opposite direction by trying to champion emerging spots for more daring travelers. The attached slideshow was a well of inspiration. I know it got me to add a few places to my travel wishlist.

As always, still do your research. Situations change, and sometimes the danger can move from one part of a country to another. Check out Hot Spots, a free online newsletter published by ASI Group, which offers “global risk management services.”  It’s a first-stop resource for many traveling reporters and diplomats. The newsletter offers incredibly up-to-the-minute reports on specific incidents and incisive analyses of the threat levels. You can sign up to have reports sent directly to your e-mail address.

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