Inspiring places around the globe

Perusing the Lonely Planet website recently, I was drawn to this April article of Top 10 Cities for Artistic Inspiration. Travel can inspire us on a multitude of levels. It can inspire us to move somewhere new, embark on a new career or educational path, to write a novel or memoir, or even to produce other creative works. Great vagabonding voices like Jack Kerouac created some of their most beautiful works from the inspiration found while traveling new areas.
The article covers inspiring cities in North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia. Reading through, I found myself nodding along with the author’s evaluation of those cities on the list that I had been to, epic cities like San Francisco and London that seem to be epicenters of the art world. However, creative inspiration can be something that is very specifically tailored to an individuals tastes. Some may find endless inspiration in the chaotic crowds of Khao San Road, while others find illumination in the quiet streets of Brugge. Some cities and countries can offer rich traditions in painting or music, but perhaps you are moved more deeply by dance or architecture. Keeping in mind, it’s not always the most beautiful places that are the most personally inspiring.
In which countries or cities have you found your greatest inspiration? In which ways did it inspire you?

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