I’m taking off for Paris

There is a certain irony in maintaining a travel weblog: to regularly update it means, well, that you aren’t really traveling very far from your computer. A look at my last three months of vagablogging entries would imply that this has recently been the case for me. Indeed, here in Ranong, my main task has been writing my second book (as well as a few magazine articles), and — this being a computer-based activity — it’s been easy for me to keep current with my blog.

In a matter of days, however, I will leave Thailand for France, where (in addition to teaching a travel-writing class at the Paris American Academy) I hope to wander that beautiful corner of Europe with random abandon. I intend to have plenty of interesting new experiences, but I don’t plan on sequestering myself into French Internet cafes to report those experiences as they happen. Hence, this weblog will probably be silent for a few weeks. I’ll resume my entries in August, with after-the-fact news from France, new vagabonding advice, and more news and quotations about travel.

In the meantime feel free to browse through my old online stories and photos, ponder various bits of travel advice, catch up on travel quotations, read musings from my life in Asia and beyond, follow my recent American book tour, surf my interviews with a variety of travel writers, chat about travel with other vagabonders, and check out (and interact with) my new book.

I’ll be back and blogging with new news come August. Until then, happy vagabonding!

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