Ideas for hiking and trekking worldwide

Over at the Q&A, a reader asks me about the worldwide trekking scene. “Having hiked the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails in the States,” he writes, “I’m hooked on walking. I’ll be starting my world travels post-Peace Corps later this year. Any recommendations for nice long trails anywhere in the world?”

The world, I tell him, is full of great hiking — so much so that, in the end, his decision may well be where not to go. If you’re looking for classic mountain treks, for example, you might consider the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, or the Inca Trail in Peru — which are both wonderful, time-honored options. Outside those trails, the Himalayas and the Andes provide countless trekking options. Europe has great trail systems, too — as does New Zealand.

In fact, you’ll discover previously unknown (to you) hikes everywhere you go in the world. Just this year, I discovered some great trails in southern Chile; two years ago I spent a week on the trails of the French Pyrenees; four years ago, I walked most of the way across Israel on well-marked and maintained trails.

Travel guidebooks are a great way to research which trails might be best for your interests. A good general trekking book, which covers classic hikes around the world, is David Noland’s Outside Adventure Travel. I’ll mention (and link) a few other trekking books below, by region:




Oz and New Zealand

South America

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