How will your travel plans change this summer?

We’ve all heard about the latest travel woes in the news: fuel prices rising, the US dollar struggling, airlines racking up cancellations, delays and inconveniences almost as quickly as they rack up new fees and charges for their passengers, and of course, environmental concerns about the impact of flying and driving on the planet.

I heard an interesting report on the news though, here in my hometown of Ottawa. It was about the increase in gas prices, and everyone interviewed said they were extremely concerned – funnily enough, though, they all said they had no intention of changing their driving habits to reduce their consumption.

So how will your travel style change, this summer and into the future? Will you move more slowly, fly less, ride-share, or try to reduce your impact? Take the train? Purchase carbon offsets? Avoid the Euro zone, and visit South America instead? Or just carry on as planned?

I’m curious to know how everyone is planning to tackle these new travel challenges, both financial and environmental.

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