How to put the endless in your summer

My thanks to Tamara from San Francisco, who recently alerted me to the fact that someone might have cribbed my ideas for a Surfer Magazine story, entitled “The Art of Vagabonding: How to Put the Endless in Your Summer”.

Happily, I was able to tell Tamara that I wrote that article for Surfer myself (it’s just hard to read my by-line over the photo).

If you’re interested in ideas for surf vagabonding, check out the “Surf Tip” section in Surfer‘s latest issue. As I say in the teaser:

“What could possibly be better than taking off a couple weeks to live the surf trip of your dreams? Try taking off a couple years to live the surf trip of your dreams. Contrary to popular belief, taking months or years off to travel the world doesn’t require that you be rich in money; it only requires that you use what money you have to make yourself rich in free time. Here are a few tips to make global surf vagabonding a reality, without needing corporate sponsorhips or a massive bank account.”

My five vagabonding tips for surfers are as follows:

  • It starts before you leave
  • Don’t micromanage your trip
  • Stick to cheap parts of the world
  • Stay local
  • Go slow

For the full article, hit your local newsstand and check out the January 2006 issue of Surfer.

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