How can you do a RWT with an Asian passport?

Confession: I have always wanted to do a year long round the world trip (RWT), but just thinking about the number of visas I’d have to apply for (as an Indian passport holder), has stopped me from even trying to plan it out.

Some of the issues:
1) Indians need a visa to go EVERYWHERE (except Jamaica!). Some Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia will give it to you on the spot — but most other places you need to sort it out in advance.
2) You can only apply for the visa from your country of residence.
3) You normally have to state when the exact number of days you are planning to stay in a particular place. I refuse to plan it like that for a year!
4) Visa requirements always ask for proof of where I’m going to stay AND to-fro flight tickets, which means I need to pre-book all hostels and flights. Again, for a year, I refuse to even try to sort that out.
5) Visa’s can take anything from a day to a month to come through.

In other words, I don’t think I’m ever going to do a round the world trip unless I manage to change my nationality. To do that, I have two options — 1) live in Spain for 10 more years and qualify for nationality, 2) get married to a Spaniard. Neither of those options are particularly appealing.

As far as I see it, living abroad and seeing the world bit by bit is my only bet to be able to travel for an extended period of time. I’m lucky to be a resident of India, UAE and Europe — but it still doesn’t aid an impulsive travel itch nor long term cross continent travel.

There are two things I’d like to put out there basis this post:
1) If you are a Westerner and not traveling the world, you are crazy not to take advantage of your passport. You can go anywhere, anytime, for upto three months!
2) Are there any Asian passport holders out there who have done a RWT? How did you manage it?

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