Hollywood predicted what the CIA didn’t: A 9/11 omen from 1999

A current foray into screenwriting has me researching movie writing materials — and a small item under “Pitch Sales” in the May/June 1999 issue of Creative Screenwriting magazine gave me a chill when I read it last night. It reads:

“New Line Cinema has landed a blow to opponents in a bidding war for Nosebleed, a comedy-action pitch for Rush Hour star Jackie Chan. The TKO was delivered in the form of a pricetag of $600,000 against $850,000 for the story of a window washer at the World Trade Center who befriends a bartender and a waitress. The threesome attempt to abort what they perceive as a terrorist plan to bomb the building again.”

Indeed, for all the talk of the failure of the CIA and the Bush administration to predict the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01, it looks like Hollywood had not only considered the possibility a good two years in advance — it had a bidding war over it.

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  1. An Alaskan Says:

    That wasn’t even the only Hollywood production about a 9/11-style attack. The Lone Gunmen (spinoff of X Files) show had a pilot episode about a plane being programmed to crash into the World Trade Center in order to provide an excuse for war. Hmm. Check it out at http://xfiles.stylicious.com/lonegunmen/1aeb79.php

  2. case Says:

    at the end of Sydney Pollack’s 1975 spy flick, Three Days of the Condor. Robert Redford’s character (Joe Turner) is talking to CIA agent Higgins (played by Cliff Robertson) about the no-longer-secret plan to invade the Middle East for oil.

  3. Anon Says:

    There’s also plenty other Hollywood films that depict on a subliminal level the WTC collapse prior to 9/11. Check out http://www.vyzygoth.com/photo.html and http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Hollywood_911.htm

  4. Thinker Says:

    And though it isn’t Hollywood per se, a novel by Tom Clancy called Executive Orders or Executive Decisions or something (it’s been so long since I read it) which was published in the late 1990s featured an airliner being deliberately flown into the Capitol Building.

  5. mike russo Says:

    a 1995 news report quoted a terrorist leader of saying he knew how to take down the world trade center …by using 2 fully fueled hijacked jet airliners.

  6. mike russo Says:

    theres lots of more 9-11 omens in movies like ,trading places,ind.day,die hard, rocky,live and let die,