Hitotoki: Moments, Maps, Memories.

Just when I thought there can’t be any more innovative use of maps, I stumbled upon Hitotoki (such a cute name!). Japanese for “a moment”, the site describes itself as a narrative map; a literary project connecting individual stories to specific locations around the world; “cityscape gymnastics from finely groomed humans” (– this last sentence I don’t get either).

This is how it works: people write literary pieces on experiences they have had in particular places around the world, the places are narrowed down to, for example, a pub in Canning Town, or the New York Public Library. You find these places on the respective city’s map and if there is a personal piece written about it, it is marked differently.

The reason this site caught my attention was its originality and attempt to bring to people very detailed and specific experiences related to very specific places. Other than the odd personal magazine column, this is something that you are unlikely to stumble upon in any guidebook. I thought it was a pretty neat way to integrate maps, travel, literature and personal experiences.

Right now, it only has maps and stories on Tokyo, New York, DC and London, but is open should you want to start a page on your own city; they are also open for story submissions.

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  1. Craig Says:

    ‘”cityscape gymnastics from finely groomed humans” (– this last sentence I don’t get either)’

    … Don’t worry, we don’t really get that line either. 😉

    (and thank you for the wonderful write-up! And a little inside info: three new cities are underway, soon to be revealed in the next month or so.)