History-travel writing at NYU with Tony Perrottet

Travel writer Tony Perrottet will be teaching a course at New York University this spring that blurs his two opuses — history-writing and travel-writing. Entitled “The Past on the Page: Bringing History to Life,” Perrottet’s course works on the notion that history writing and travel writing are approached in the same way — that is, exploring exotic worlds, and trying to understand a landscape that is sometimes very familiar but at other times utterly bizarre. The course promises to help students “learn how to bring the past to life in a way that is fresh, vivid, and relevant to modern concerns in genres including creative nonfiction, fiction, travel narratives, and personal essays.”

The class will meet every Thursday from 6:20pm-8:40pm at NYU, starting March 1 and finishing May 10 (no classes on 3/15). More information here.

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