Help Shanti take tsunami aid to Thailand

If you or anyone you know is still looking to get money or other aid to tsunami-affected areas of Thailand, LA-based journalist Shanti Sosienski is leaving for Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta beginning March 10th. She has already gathered tons of stuff from the outdoors industry (shirts, hats, socks) to give away, and she has also gathered $5600 to give to grassroots causes. For more information, including how you can donate, check out her website here.

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  1. tracy cosgrove Says:

    hi if you are looking for projects to donate money to i have one in takuapa.
    There are many Burmese there who still are not getting the help that is needed. They are in real need of help. There are lots of NGOs who are all helping the same people and yet groups of people receiving nothing.


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