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July 14, 2011

Heading out on the trail

The lure of the exotic is strong for travelers, but we may often forget that the exotic is here at home as well. I recently returned from a 42-mile hike in Rocky Mountain National Park—one of countless National Parks that I had not yet visited—and now I have a new appreciation for trails.

It can be hard to turn off the endless chattering in your brain when you’re headed out on the trail. It took me two days to stop trying to work out all my various day-to-day problems, and just breathe and enjoy. And whether your favorite kind of trail involves hiking, bicycling, paddling, drinking, or something else, there are plenty out there to take you away—even if it’s not too far from home.

The July issue of Outside magazine lists 32 of “America’s Best Trails,” from the best Pacific Coast trail to the best trail for getting high to the best trail for beer. Check and see if there’s one with your name on it.

Is your fave not on the list? Let us know what it is.

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