Handling the transition: Staying busy is key

As you read this post, I’ll be somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea on my way to India.

About two months ago (when I planned those last two months in Spain), I foresaw myself being super busy. Teaching, doing 5 hours of intensive Spanish as a build-up to an exam (scheduled 2 days before I fly!), and blogging. Between that, I wanted to make sure I spend time with people close to me here. The thought was a bit overwhelming and it left me a bit low, thinking: I don’t have “quality” time to spend before I leave, I’m just too busy. But, oh my God, what a blessing in disguise.

If I wasn’t that busy, I think my last few weeks here would have been tragic. Too much time to think about moving (and packing at the same time) can get you down and sad, very sad. Being genuinely busy has kept my mind off the fact that I’m leaving and helped me skip, or better said, put aside, the “tragic” part, because I’ve had no time to be sad. Whatever little free time I’ve had, I’ve spent with close friends doing things we always do, and have been able to enjoy them.

I won’t deny that the last few weeks had lots of intense emotions floating around. My closest friends and I, had a couple of breakdowns together. But they only reassured us that this is not a goodbye, it’s merely a ‘see you later’, and that we must have all the giggles and laughs we can before I leave.

So, when / if you choose to make changes like mine, I cannot emphasize enough the importance to stay busy and keep living like you always have been, till the last minute.

And don’t have a farewell party! If you have a party, have one a week or so before you leave, and don’t call it a farewell! Make up a reason; in my case it was the end of my Spanish exam. The point is to have friends together to have fun, not to tear up. And besides, it’s not a farewell!

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