Great moments in travel blogging: TwinF

An interesting travel blog (as we’ve discussed before) combines intelligent writing, a clean, readable design, and plenty of media to keep you busy traveling vicariously through its author(s). Lee and Sachi’s The World is Not Flat is, quite simply put, one of those.

Lee and Sachi are about three-quarters of the way through their round-the-world trip, currently traveling across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Their gadget-heavy adventure began in New Zealand and has taken them across Australia, Southeast Asia, India, China, and Russia on their way westward.

The site (TwinF for short) is well designed, easy on the eyes, and functional. It features almost-daily updates (Internet connection permitting) along with an extensive collection of photos, and even videos—something you don’t see quite as often on homegrown travel blogs. One particularly unique feature was designed to collect reader reccomendations on the destinations Lee and Sachi planned on visiting.

“As we started to tell people about the trip, they would always say ‘Oh,
you must go here and do that’ and we would write it down on a handy piece of paper and promptly lose it.”

The section has since morphed into a sort of catch-all for collecting and organizing first-hand travel tips from all over world. Anyone can register and post their own submission–whether it’s travel advice for Lee and Sachi, or an interesting story from your latest trip.

If you’re thinking of blogging your next journey, The World is Not Flat is a great choice for inspiration.

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