Goodbye, Wichita


[Above: The old house where I grew up in Wichita, Kansas.]

After thirty-three years of living in one place, my parents have moved from their home in a working-class north Wichita neighborhood to a prairie farmstead near my sister’s farm in north-central Kansas. And, while I haven’t stayed for more than three successive weeks in Wichita since the mid-1990’s, I’ll miss my regular visits to the city where I grew up. With my family elsewhere, it looks like I’ll have to find new excuses to head down there.

Right now I’m enjoying my time on the new family farm before I head on to New York and then France, to teach my creative writing workshop at the Paris American Academy. When I return, I hope to renovate a small house on the farm property as a writing retreat where I can work when I’m stateside. I’ll have to post some updates later this summer, as that project progresses!

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