Global data plans becoming more affordable

AT&T this week rolled out new international data packages with prices cut nearly in half, a change that comes six weeks after Verizon announced a new international data package. Although these options are still more expensive than using an international SIM card, the changes signify progress toward making smartphone internet use more affordable and accessible for travelers.

AT&T’s new international data package tiers, available for these 135 countries, are:

  • 120 MB for $30/month (previously 125 MB for $50/month; there was also a 50 MB for $25/month offered)
  • 300 MB for $60/month (previously 275 MB for $100/month)
  • 800 MB for $120/month (previously 800 MB for $200/month)


Verizon’s new plan, announced in mid-April, provides 100 MB for $25/month with coverage in 120 countries. This is the only package offered; you can add by increments of 100 MB for $25.

While AT&T and Verizon seem to be making headway in the global data market, Sprint and T-Mobile’s packages are not as competitive. Sprint offers multi-country packages covering only 39 countries, and at 40 MB for $40/month or 85 MB for $80/month, the prices are much higher than the others. T-Mobile’s international service is very expensive at $15 per MB.

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