Geoff Dyer on the catch-22 of overseas living

“The paradox of nomadism. You keep moving because you’re searching for a place to stay. Once you realize you can live in other countries you can never quite settle anywhere again. You can never feel quite content.”
–Sahra, in Geoff Dyer’s Paris Trance (1999)

Posted by | Comments (2)  | December 26, 2003
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2 Responses to “Geoff Dyer on the catch-22 of overseas living”

  1. Dee Says:

    Oh PLEASE say it isn’t so!

    Stay well and safe travels to all of you.

  2. Jen Leo Says:

    It would be too easy to say this is my problem. Even if most of my moving around and living someplace new has been domestic. I prefer the idea of maintaining hope, fantasy, and romantic ideals until all of those meld with practicality at a right and chosen moment.