For women travelers looking for other women travelers

Last week I wrote about how it’s difficult to find the right person to travel with. I’m not a fan of online matchmaking websites, but for those people who need a travel-partner, both and seem like a plausible option. However, they’re only for women.

Unfortunatley, Buddies4Travel works like a “find-the-love-of-your-life” website, but is clearly geared towards helping you find the right person to travel with. Two of their main audiences are girls planning a gap year, single mums and 50+ ladies wanting to travel. For a fee of £20, you can register and then for another £25 and they will find you one match. Pay more, and they will give you 2, 3 or 4 matches. Should you have second thoughts about the “match” you have selected, for £15, you can reselect. Not cheap, but perhaps worth it.

Thelma and on the other hand has free registration and a much wider range of services such as: search for your travel-buddy basis location, interests, type of holiday, age, marital status, etc. They also have travel offers, travel stories/features, recommended travel products, packing ideas, etc.

Other than the fee, the main difference between the two is that Buddies4Travel finds you a partner, whereas on Thelma and Louise, you have to find your own partner. Both are worth a look at if you are a women not wanting to travel alone. (These sites are not necessarily lesbian match making sites.)

If you are not keen on going through such sites, there are a handful of good travel-networks you can connect to and try finding a travel buddy.

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  1. Natalie Says:

    There is also a new site called Go Galavanting. It’s a ‘for women, by women’ travel magazine type of thing, and they also have a travel community section as well. So that could also be a possibility for finding other women travelers…