Familiarity is sometimes your friend as a vagabond

As I wrote last week, long term and permanent travel can sometimes take its toll; you can become de-sensitised to the excitement and new-ness of exotic locations and begin to crave the familiar.

Sometimes a healthy dose of extreme self-care is what’s called for and at other times, you may even crave ‘home’. Yet the notion of home for permanent travellers like my husband and I is a strange one – if you have no base to go to, what constitutes home?

As I write this I’m back at ‘home’ in the UK – after a hectic 10 days which has seen us travel from Thailand to HK, to Dubai, to London and finally back to our home town of Nottingham – there’s something comfortingly familiar about it and right now, after all that travel, it’s just what I need.

But I’m already starting to get that familiar craving for being in a foreign land…it’s fortunate then that I’m off to South Africa via Dubai today. Still, that feeling of familiarity is one we all crave at times, isn’t it?

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