Extreme self care whilst you’re traveling

In personal development circles there’s something known as ‘extreme self care’. For those of you not familiar with self development terminology, this basically means pampering.

I know that’s not typically something you’d associate with the image of a vagabond but hear me out!

Those of you who’ve been on the road for a while can probably relate to the feeling of road-weariness and travel fatigue when not even the most spectacular of sights can raise more than a wearied sigh of “oh cool” from you.

This can be especially draining if you’re travelling on a budget, counting the pennies and have a minor heart attack when a meal costs you more than £3 (or $6).

Sometimes however, splashing a bit of that cash is the perfect antidote to travel fatigue and there’s nothing better than a bit of extreme self care (whatever that means for you) to perk you up.

For me in HK last week, that meant a decent haircut at a proper salon and a meal that most definitely broke our budget!

What do you do for extreme self care on the road?

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