Exploring the joys of expatriate life at Yahoo! Travel

This week at Yahoo! Travel, Rolf relives the rollercoaster ride that was expatriate life in Busan, South Korea, where he taught English as a second language. It wasn’t all fun and games, however — long hours, cold winters, and bouts of loneliness almost sent him back home, but he stuck with it and came away a stronger teacher, learner, traveler, and individual.

“To this day I remember this initial expatriate experience as a vivid turning point in the way I viewed the world. Just as Hemingway considered his Paris sojourn “a necessary part of a man’s education,” I consider my Busan experience to be an essential rite of passage in my own life. “

Expatriate life—while often rewarding—isn’t always as romantic as it sounds. Though with proper planning, and the willingness to adapt to undesirable situations, your ability to navigating around some of the more common pittfals that come with expatriate life can be achieved with minimal planning, and an open mind. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the ups and downs this lifestyle introduces before jumping headfirst into a long-term commitment. If nothing else, a little pre-planning can make the acculturation process enjoyable rather than a something to resist.

Naturally, Rolf rounds out the piece with some tips on getting started down the path of overseas living. To see those tips, along with the rest of the article, head on over to Yahoo! Travel.

Exploring the joys of expatriate life at Yahoo! Travel

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    I’m not quite sure how I came across your site/blog, but am still constantly amazed at the number of sites that are related to travel and especially Paris. Will check in here from time to time to see what’s happening in my home city. 😉