Experimental travel with Tribewanted

Tribewanted, is both an online and a real life community of people who are working together to create a sustainable village on Vorovoro Island, Fiji.

Ben Keene and Mark James founded the tribe in January 2006. The friends were brainstorming ideas for an Internet start-up when James came up with the tropical paradise concept on a cold, blustery day in England.

During its first six months, 1000 members joined the tribe, ranging in age from 17 to 60, from 25 nations.

There are three levels of tribal membership, starting at the Nomad membership, which costs 180 British pounds and includes a 7-day stay on the island (including all meals and airport/boat transfers), as well as one year of membership in the online community. The Warrior is the highest level of membership, including a 21-night stay for 540 British pounds, and membership through the completion of the project in September 2009.

The Yavusa tribe, which mainly lives on an adjacent island, owns all of the infrastructure on Vorovoro. Tribewanted works in partnership with Chief Tui Mali, who lives on the island with his family, and welcomes the newcomers.

The online community is crucial to the Tribe Wanted concept. The experience does not begin or end with time spent on the island. The tribe maintains a blog, where they discuss everything from tribal leadership to their experiences on the island. Members also hold meet-ups, hosted on four different continents so far.

“Tribewanted is a community adventure with a purpose,” according to their website. This purpose is to “realize the Green Dream.” This green dream includes composting toilets, recycling collection, a rainwater catchment system, and sustainable farming.

Being gentle with the environment is key to the Tribewanted concept, which aims for a “climate neutral” island, partnering with Climate Care to help offset carbon emissions from the constant travel to and from the island.

Though the island has a vision, individual members can choose to spend their stay any way they choose. They can lounge around, snorkeling, reading, swimming, and relaxing, or they can opt to participate in various projects, including farming. The only requirement is that everyone wash his or her own plate.

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