Excerpts from another book by my 4-year-old nephew Cedar

Due to the popularity of the last book my 4-year-old nephew Cedar wrote for me, I am now publishing some of his new work. While his first tome had a decidedly philosophical-theological slant, this new, more poetic work revolves around meterology, fashion, and the surreal. I include only the last three pages, since the first two pages are mainly about running around naked (a common activity for four year-olds) and might embarrass him when he gets a bit older.

Here are the new excerpts:

Page 3

Rain, rain, rain. Rain, rain, rain, I hope rain comes down. But if I’m naked I don’t want it to pound-down.

(illustrations include various strange creatures in the rain)

Page 4

Bananas, bananas grow on my head. Because I don’t want people to be dead.

(illustrations include a dragon-like creature, plus a number of “sting-bugs,” plus a person getting stung)

Page 5

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Cedar who had a striped shirt. A bird came along and pulled the stripes off his shirt–and put them on its own body. In its place, the bird left feather-colors. It was the prettiest shirt.

(illustrations include several people, a cat, and a bird)

* * *

In other news from north-central Kansas, Cedar’s momma (and my big sister) Kristin has recently published a few articles on back-to-the-land living in national publications (including CounterPunch, and the Hartford Courant) as part of the Prairie Writers Circle. Check out her latest, from AlterNet, here.

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4 Responses to “Excerpts from another book by my 4-year-old nephew Cedar”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hey, running around naked ain’t just for four year olds dude! Not that I know anything about that, just what I hear . . .

  2. Rolf Says:

    I hear you, Matt! Long live the BB, and all manner of other cryptic college initition rituals!!

  3. Albert Torres Says:

    Is the name of boy who wrote the excerpt really “CEDAR”?…I was just wanting to know…as that’s my wifes name and you don’t hear it that often.

  4. Rolf Says:

    Yup, Cedar — just like the tree…