Don’t overplan your travels, part III

“Ordinary travelers through life try to control everything, in order to protect their delusions from the nasty shocks of reality. What they get is uptight and paranoid; the music is stilled. By preplanning every aspect of their trip, whether vacation trip or life trip, they think they can circumvent the unimaginable flow of natural process (also known as Fate or the will of God). What they manipulate are puny imitations of reality, scraped bare of energy. Vagabonds know better, and book the details of their trip with an agent called Chance. Giving up control of your life frees you from the illusion that you can control it, and this freedom in turn connects you into its awesome energy and unlimited potential.”
–Ed Buryn, Vagabonding in the USA (1980)

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One Response to “Don’t overplan your travels, part III”

  1. Jack Kennard Says:

    I do like to plan time for spontaneity into every trip. Sometimes the best times I have are those moments that are unknown or unplaned.