5 places to vagabond this summer

Warm sunshine and the open road never fail to ignite wanderlust. Long days stretch ahead, beckoning to be filled with adventure and explorations. Distant points on the map are ripe with possibility. Before you, the entire world opens up. And it's waiting for you to find it -- to "tramp a perpetual journey" as Walt Whitman says. The imagined prospects thrill your blood. You have to hit the road and, by vagabonding, find yourself. But where should you go? Perhaps a few of the corners less traveled. 1. Dubrovnik, Croatia Home to one of the 10 best preserved medieval walled… Read More...

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Field Report: Port Lincoln, Australia

Cost per day? We camped at the Big 4 campsite which was a fantastic campsite, but you can pay through the nose in peak season. We paid $40 a night but were reasonably central. There are various other sites but if you want to enjoy a drink or just a short stroll into town then you could find yourself too far out to walk. The campsite also had great kitchen and BBQ facilities, so cooking was cheap, however part of the appeal of Port Lincoln is its various bars and restaurants, as well as its entertainment. I would say $100… Read More...

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Australia’s Red Center: The beautiful nothing

There’s nothing in the red center of Australia. If by nothing you mean echos of endless wide spaces and wide sky that holds the world together like an eternal ribbon of Australian blue around a package of rainbow colours that can only be unwrapped slowly. Beneath the thin veneer of “nothing” are layers of something stunningly, historically, culturally, naturally, creatively beautiful. The earth is simultaneously desert-hard and sand-silt soft, as if the entire surface was sifted through a flour sieve. “Red” is not the right word. I’m not sure there is a right word.  The soil is a particular shade… Read More...

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7 paradises for 7 loves

I have recently decided that wander-lusters come in many varieties- many more than I had thought. You know, we like to find our commonalities so it is comfortable to believe that a traveler is a traveler is a traveler is a traveler. But one man's treasure is another one's trash. That is true for the non-material treasures we find out on the road just as it is in "real life" back home with material things. For instance when my husband and I were conversing about the reasons why we travel, one man said that our travel style would not be… Read More...

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A budget guide to roadtripping Australia

With 22,292 miles of coastline, 37,117 miles if you count that of the many outlying islands, Australia is a vast continent that provides the perfect mix of terrain for a road trip of epic proportions. From the rugged shores of Victoria all the way to the hot and humid deserts of the Northern Territory, many travelers crave the open road experience only Australia can offer. But what does it really cost to explore Australia overland, and what are the best travel hacks to use en route? Transport and accommodation There’s no getting around the fact that to road trip you… Read More...

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Long term travel with a family: You have to really want to do this

“You really have to WANT to do this, don’t you, Dear?” Ann’s words have echoed in my mind as her sweet, octogenarian face has pleasantly haunted my afternoon walks. We wandered slowly through the natural bridge outside of Waitomo with her and her husband, Ross. I quietly got the kids’ attention and encouraged them to walk more slowly behind him, and not press forward as he did his aged best to step over tree roots and up the rocky stairs to the high meadow where we laughed together about the crazy idea of standing in the presence of 3 million year old… Read More...

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How to make the most of your Australian Working Holiday Visa

For many graduates, myself included, a year out to travel the world is seen as a stepping stone on the path to adulthood. Post degree but prior to entering into the working world, a year abroad can provide a few life lessons that are seldom taught within the curriculum of modern education. The ability to adapt to new circumstances, overcome challenges and stride out forging your own path in life, travel educates in a way that not even the most accomplished and engaging teacher can. One of the most popular opportunities for graduates seeking the chance to travel is a… Read More...

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How to sell a campervan in Australia

A 12 month working holiday visa is becoming a rite of passage for those graduating college and university. Offering the opportunity to take a step into the unknown, it is a time to sit in on a master class at the university of life. Popular amongst those who spend a year in Australia is the quintessential Aussie road trip. Encompassing some of the world’s best driving routes an overland adventure offers an education quite unlike that which you’ll find in a classroom. While the adventure itself offers the chance to overcome challenges and problem solve on the fly, the logistics… Read More...

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Vagabonding Field Report: Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, in the heart of a Cyclone

Cost/day Airlie Beach is a small town but quite competitive from business to business. All camping pitches we tried were no more than $25 which is very affordable compared with other campsites around Australia, but all vary in quality. The same competition goes for the bars and taverns that run the main beach street. Every bar on this strip seems to offer some sort of happy hour and in typical Australian style alcohol is cheap and abundant all day on Sundays. Expect to pay about $5-$10 for a pitcher of beer and some include a free BBQ. The most costly… Read More...

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How to buy camper van in Australia

When you’re Down Under on a working holiday visa, taking some time out to explore the varied landscapes of the largest island on earth is an essential addition to your itinerary. Those with the benefit of time to explore but the restrictions of a small budget, should avoid organized tours and internal flights and instead consider a cost effective and rather more quintessential, Aussie road trip. Often negating the need for additional outlay on accommodation and public transport, a road trip can provide the opportunity to travel on your own terms and at greatly reduced expense. In this two part… Read More...

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