Cute picture story about an unusual traveler…

In my traveling about the web, I keep an eye out for beautiful art that you can take with you.  This little illustrated web story, about an exchange student who comes to visit, is from the Guardian.

Everyone can use a little art to brighten their day.

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  1. Amsra Says:

    Nice find 🙂 Brought to mind when my ex and I hosted a Japanese exchange student in the late 80’s. Some of the cultural differences were astounding…..I remember him thinking us incredibly rich because we had 2 cars and had an extra bedroom in our apartment just for my computer :)And Easter was interesting… ex’s folks always did the whole shebang….hunting baskets and eggs all over the yard and house. When we explained that we would be hunting he thought we were going to shoot them with guns 🙂

    It was an enormously enjoyable experience. He was with a group of about 15 high school seniors being housed locally, so we got to do a lot of things with the whole group too. Great bunch of kids! They all got together and cooked traditional Japanese for all the host families for a farewell feast that was just awesome. First time I had sushi 🙂

    If you have the space and inclination, being a host family can be incredibly rewarding. And almost a way of traveling whilst never leaving home 🙂