Cook like MacGyver in a hotel room

Video: Vlogger Natalie Tran on how to cook in a hotel room

I’ve mentioned vlogger Natalie Tran in a previous post.  In the video above, she shows you uses everyday hotel items as cooking utensils.  Definitely not as the manufacturers intended.

From seeing that, it’s understandable why some backpackers rate hostels with kitchens more highly.  If you’re in an expensive city or country, cooking on your own can save quite a bit of cash.  Besides, no one can cook something exactly how you want it, unless you do it.

Watching that clip brought to mind those times when I’ve had to “MacGyver” a solution to a problem.  Basic things like washing your clothes in a sink, inventing new culinary creations from leftovers in the refrigerator, and things like that.  No matter how well you plan in advance, chances are you forgot to pack something. Or a hostel doesn’t have quite the facilities you expected.  That’s when resourcefulness kicks in, and you build your own solution to a problem.

Have ever been in a “MacGyver” situation?  What did you do?  Please share your stories in the comments.

Just for fun, I’ve included a scene from MacGyver below.

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