Coffee around the world

How far are you willing to go for a good cup of coffee?  While seeing spectacular sights is great, some of my best times overseas has been sitting with a cup of coffee and watching the world go by.

Terry Ward has an article at World Hum about the Best Cities to Drink Coffee.  The writer does a good of job of sprinkling a little history and local language throughout the piece.  You can also find lots of useful tips on specific places to get your caffeine fix within each city and how to avoid cultural faux pas

From Reuters

From Reuters


Where was the best cup of coffee you ever had?

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7 Responses to “Coffee around the world”

  1. Says:

    Thanks for the link. I read the article. I was surprised to see that Paris, France was not on the list. They have so many cafes, I thought they would automatically be on the list. I also thought that Greece and Turkey would have been on the list as well. My brother-in-law is Greek and the coffee has a “kick” to it.

  2. Mark Ramos Says:

    I found the coffee I had in London to be a little off, but I had an acquired taste for it after a while. Different! Maybe they are more in to tea? Regardless, I love the link to the article because it is such a good idea to explore world wide coffee goodness 🙂

  3. Cate Says:

    One of the more different ones I sampled was a Rose Latte in Singapore. A bitter sweet mix of espresso based coffee with rose syrup. Plus, being biased here, practically anywhere in NZ will give you a good coffee:long black, flat whites, strong lattes. Well roasted arabica blends and good baristas doing their thing.
    We have talked a lot on coffee what about teas? This is a growing culture in itself.

  4. Java Bean Rush Says:

    What a fun read, coffee around the world.
    Thanks for the link.

  5. Vera Says:

    Definitely Portugal. I have yet to find a place where coffee tastes as good as it does there.

  6. brian Says:

    I have to quibble that NYC is not mentioned. We have a strong coffee culture, and a really strong need for caffine. Excellent coffee is available everywhere, and a cup of diner coffee in the ubiquitous blue cup will keep you moving all day. That’s a good thing too; those who do not keep with the crowd get trampled underneath it.

  7. Tom Says:

    If you are looking for good coffee, I have to say that places like Australia and New Zealand, are the places where they have taken it to the next step.