Christmas away from home

This is my first year away from close family and friends during this festive season. Although I do not celebrate Christmas, I’m feeling a little lost because everyone I know here (local and foreign) has gone home to their families to eat turkey and open presents. All shops will be closed and I imagine bars will be relatively empty as everybody takes time out to be with loved ones.

My flat-mates were kind enough to invite me to their homes for a Spanish Christmas. Very unlike me, I declined in order to go to a day-long Christmas party of others like me who are not Spanish but are here for the occasion.

We will be a group of 12 people from all around the world: Israel, Venezuela, America, England, Italy, Japan, Morocco and India. Everyone doesn’t know everyone, but what we have in common is that we are expatriates in Spain without family nearby, who don’t want to be alone. We will all be making a dish for dinner, and will spend the day watching international films.

When you live abroad, sometimes all you want is to chill with people who are also living abroad. There is a bizarre bond that you know you will share. So this what I’m up to on my first vagabonding Christmas.

Are any of you on the road this Christmas? What are you going to do?

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  1. Jenn Says:

    This is my first Christmas away from home (military).. so I decided to have a webcam Christmas! I recorded myself opening presents from family, edited the video, and sent it to them. Hopefully it’ll bring all of us a small sense of togetherness today…