Chris Guillebeau launches “How to Become a Travel Ninja”

In his blog, The Art of Nonconformity, Chris Guillebeau often writes about his trips around the world and the travel hacks he’s learned along the way. Most of his ideas, both about travel and life, are unconventional and worth looking into. Whether he’s staying in his hometown or traveling around Southeast Asia, he always seems to possess the spirit of mindful travel.

For a well-traveled guy like Chris, it only seemed natural that he’d come up with his own how-to guide. Last week, he launched an e-guide entitled “How to Become a Travel Ninja: From Hong Kong to Johannesburg and Everywhere Else”. According to his website, the definition of a “travel ninja” is

“someone who travels wherever they want at any time. It’s all about travel hacking, creative international travel, Round-the-World planning, and how to spend less money while traveling more.”

I thought this captures most of the Vagablogging readers quite well, so I decided to share it with you. If you want to learn more about this guide, feel free to visit the “How to Become a Travel Ninja” page.

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