Central Asia film event in Toronto

Khiva, Uzbekistan

I know it’s pretty last minute, but so is life, at times 🙂

If you are in or around Toronto this weekend, you may be interested in checking out Sonchy’s Silk Road Adventure Central Asian Film Event.

Michael Soncina is trying to get some attention on a very adventurous part of the world to travel by organizing this festival. His aim is “to showcase the Central Asian region to a wide audience with the hope of increasing tourism to the area and its projects“. Having traveled and loved the region myself, I can only recommend this event to all those Vagabonding readers who happen to be in and around Toronto this weekend.

The main festival event will be the screening of a series of movies, whose titles are definitely intriguing:

Buzkashii! • The Light Thief • Desert of Forbidden Art • Buddhas of Mes Aynak  Boxing Girls of Kabul • Lonely Planet’s ‘Globe Trekkers’ Silk Road Series • Buzkashi Boys

“Buzkashi”, for all those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a sort of polo played using a headless goat’s carcass as “ball”… and that’s where you will start loving Central Asia!! be there, or start saving up for your own Central Asian adventure!

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