“Cat and Girl” on American consumerism

Cat and Girl is a regular webcomic written and illustrated by Dorothy Gambrell, featuring (naturally) a girl and a talking cat. The cartoons often tackle subjects like religion, philosophy, fashion, politics, and soft drink slogans, but with a witty and intelligent take on things. Like all good cartoonists, Gambrell examines the concepts we take for granted, and subtly deconstructs them through the thoughtful discourse of her characters.

Of particular note to Vagablogging readers (who, it is assumed, are more likely to live and travel lightly) is yesterday’s cartoon, in which American consumerism is tackled. All of Girl’s complaints are countered by a statement by Cat, wherein the assumption is that buying things will make her happy. Her response is that maybe we should look at the fundamental issues behind things rather than going out and buying more stuff we don’t need.

But my words can’t do justice to the cartoon, and I’ve blathered on enough, so the best thing to do is click on over and read it: “Renewable Energy Source.”

New installments of Cat and Girl are posted every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on catandgirl.com.

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  1. sushil_yadav Says:


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  2. Tessa Says:

    I check for new Cat and Girl every week. I’m addicted to it. Definitely worth checking out.