BootsnAll Treasure Hunt launches in May

If you like travel and you like games, you’ll love BootsnAll’s latest contest: the BootsnAll Treasure Hunt, and it begins in May. Unlike some contests, where the winner might get something he or she has no need for and immediately tries to sell, the winner of our contest will get to select the prize that works best for him/her. Plus, the prizes in this contest are all travel-related, perfect for anyone with itchy feet. We’re not going to tell you that you’ve got to take the round-the-world ticket (worth $2000 US), especially if you’d rather have the adventure trip in Turkey! That’s right, if you’re the first to complete the month-long hunt, you’ll get your pick of the litter. We’re also giving away weekly prizes as well, so there’s plenty of winning to be done here.

While we’re not giving away too much just yet about how to play the game, you can register today so you’ll be ready to go come May 1 when the first clues go up.

Good luck!

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