Blogger Noelle Tankard on the South East Asia Backpacking Trail

I’ve never (yet, anyway) properly done the South East Asia backpacking thing. But I’ve heard so much about it from British gap-year veterans, American hippies and Canadian ESL teachers that I feel as though I know it well. In fact, I used to figure I’d heard about it so many times that I had lost interest; it had become a cliche. I was thrilled to be proven wrong when I found Noelle Tankard‘s blogs, over at Matador Travel, from her seven-month South East Asia stint.

Noelle’s an 18-year-old Los Angeles native with an eye for telling details and a way with words. Her travels so far have taken her from a vegetarian cooking school in Northern Thailand to a dash over the Burmese border, and from a dentist’s chair in Chiang Mai to a slow boat ride down the Laotian Mekong. They all make great reads, whether you’ve been to Luang Prabang and Bangkok, you’re planning a trip there, or you just want an armchair travel experience. Start from the beginning and read them all, or try some of my favourites: “Here we are now! Entertain us!“, “Who are you with? Are you a journalist? Why are you here?“, “Common Denominators: Soy Sauce and Chillies“, and “The Slow Boat of Archetypes“.

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