Become an “Adventure Ambassador”

Fresh Tracks Travel is looking for a few intrepid travelers to be their next Adventure Ambassadors.

The lucky few who are selected will receive sponsorship for their travels in exchange for promoting Fresh Tracks.

An adventuresome spirit is required and according to the Fresh Tracks website, “You just have to show us you are seizing life by the scruff of the neck – and you are an inspiration to our readers.”

To apply, write a story of a past adventure as well as a description of a trip you would like to take. While they are willing to consider any ideas, preference will be given to those planning adventures in places the company currently operates (including Canada, Alaska, Australia, and New Zealand). People of any age are welcome to apply.

“You can be an adventurer at any age,” said Fresh Tracks CEO John Parker. “We are interested in those individuals who are planning to step outside their own comfort zones.”

Once selected, an Adventure Ambassador will enter into an agreement with Fresh Tracks and will receive some sponsorship as well as in-kind sponsorship. The website says, “In return you agree to put our name in lights and share your adventure with our clients in words and pictures.”

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