Avoiding jetlag by starving yourself

My brother arrived to Madrid from Texas the day before yesterday, and has been droopy and tired ever since. He traveled for 24 hours to get here, and is trying to get used to the 7-hour time difference. All the plans I had for him here have flopped because he’s just too tired and low on energy. Darn jet lag!

Yahoo! published an interesting article recently on how starving yourself for upto 16 hours my just do the trick: “Normally, the body’s natural circadian clock in the brain dictates when to wake, eat and sleep, all in response to light. But it seems a second clock takes over when food is scarce, and manipulating this clock might help travelers adjust to new time zones.”

Hmmm. I don’t really understand how this works and neither are the doctors who came up with this theory sure about its effectiveness on humans (they’ve experimented with mice), but if there are chances it will save you a week of suffering from jetlag, it’s probably worth a try. What do you think? Any other strategies to avoid jet lag?

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